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We are a nomadic FIRE-planning British-American couple who travel slowly, eat eagerly and think about tea (and horses) perhaps too much.


We left the UK in 2014, and after a couple years (mostly) in Madrid decided to travel permanently. Most recently, we finished up a winter of house-sitting in France and summer in Bulgaria, and are now back in SE Asia for the winter!

This blog is a mix of our travel writing and photography, with random musings throughout our travels. Read more further down the page.

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A Little Deeper

We have always loved tea. We have always loved travelling. Combining the two remains an obvious decision, and one that continues to open up new adventures. Many of our destinations are chosen because of their teas and the culture surrounding them.

A few key things about us:

we are pro FIRE (financial independence, retire early) and also utilitarianians.

FIRE is a general goal to focus effort on building assets and passive income rather than falling into the standard spend-all-you-earn lifestyle once you have the basics covered. It's most definitely true that not all people can try this, but it's also true that one's choices make this goal easier or harder especially for many people in the global north where we both grew up. Our spending for a moderate lifestyle for a month in Kochi India, for example, would be well below the poverty line in the UK....and still allow us to save or invest the difference. We own very few things as well! One big way we substantially differ with the FIRE community however, is that we really aren't interested in working hard in any particular job to invest in index funds for years and years - living as a means to an end. We seek to do things we enjoy and that means starting businesses.

The utilitarian side is connected: it is a summary of how we think and how we live our lives. What is the highest standard of living we can achieve with the least spending or work? We are constantly assessing our actions and decisions in work or leisure in order to find the pareto efficient point (we both studied economics!). With this in mind our choices have resulted in more time to help family and more time with each other and the avoidance of any corporate ladder where you might be living for the future. Sounds a little privileged? Well we are always ready to cut our living standard, rather than opt to fill every moment with work to pay for the luxuries of life (or a car to match the neighbour's). Most people we meet are surprised how little we spend!

Our political interests are centred around inequality of opportunity and poverty stemming from discrimination and corruption; plus a great concern for environmental protection as we only have one Earth! On the positive side we have great faith in science, engineering and technology to problem-solve wide-scale, and in self-reflection and self-awareness to improve one's own life. Through our lives we hope we can make a real impact in these areas. In terms of less grandiose thinking, we love tea (obviously!), travel (obviously!) and horses.

Elizabeth is our writer.

A chronicle of our travel+tea journey can be found in our Blog, where there is the running series 'Teas of the World' that is an entirely 'serious' review of how tea is consumed in the countries we are visiting. We also have the Living Kerala Series chronicling our time in India, and then there are a variety of pieces on a wide range of subjects.


Vientiene is our photographer.

A selection of our best photography from all these countries (40+ so far!) is found here.

We hope you enjoy, and maybe learn something too! is our SME

business development company.

"Marketing and tech for growing businesses" is our online shop for antioxidant-rich waking and sleep teas

"All the antioxidants, without the cost or bitterness"

Radiant.Travel is our home décor Etsy shop. Street, animal and travel photography: "Original prints, mugs, pillows and tote bags 

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